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The Houseboats of Kerala can float for hours covering hundreds of kilometers in the backwaters giving you an amazing panorama of the nature as well as rare aquatic birds and animals. Dedicated staff including qualified chef and boat drivers comes along with you on each cruise. A glide along the backwaters indulged in the cosy comfort of Houseboats in Kerala is sure to take you away to a world of real peace.

Premium, Luxury and Deluxe Houseboats will be in the fleet with single and multiple rooms with sundeck, private balcony, kitchen and bathrooms. Separate rest rooms are also furnished adding more comfort to your voyage. These majestic Houseboats are well adorned to sooth your eyes. Traditional lanterns for lighting, marvelous choir carpets and stunning curtains that are beautifully arranged can touch your esthetic sense in deep. As 30% of the state is covered with water, a cruise will grant a very close look at the beautiful places along the coasts and the life style of the local people of the state.

Deluxe Houseboats

The Deluxe Houseboat offers luxury facilities like a front living area and A/C bedrooms that have beautiful wooden ceiling with overlapping logs giving it a contemporary feel. The bedroom windows stretching across 3/4ths of the wall offers a complete and uninterrupted view of the backwaters during the cruise. Each bed in this super luxury Houseboats is aligned in height with the window so that the occupants may not miss out even a single glimpse of Kerala's beauty.

Premium A/C Houseboats

The Premium Houseboats offers top facilities like front living area and bedrooms with traditional wooden ceiling with overlapping logs to give a touch of tradition. With complete glass windows stretching across 3/4ths of the wall, it offers a clear view of the backwaters while traveling. It also includes a Conference Hall making it the best choice for office trips and family get-togethers.


Shikara is a small country boat which is amazingly adorned with bamboo chairs and overhead bamboo canopy. These small boats are brilliant option for those who don't prefer stay over a night. It's less expensive but offers very exciting experience that Houseboats can give. As the Shikaras are small in its size, they can enter small canals and interiors of lagoons offering the guests very rare scenes in life.